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A Few Thoughts on the Huge Rallies in the UK for Tommy Robinson and the Online Responses I Received and Saw

A big step in a good direction was taken today in the UK. Thousands upon thousands marched and protested on behalf of Tommy Robinson, an activist recently arrested and imprisoned after reporting on a major child grooming gang case while outside the court building.

The images coming back from today are very inspiring. So many came together to stand up for free expression, free speech, and true journalism.

You didn't hear about this on the mainstream/corporate media, of course.  It doesn't fit their narrative.

But it does show how derelict and biased they are when it comes to true journalism; a dereliction surpassed only by their utter failure to put a spotlight on the rising prevalence and danger of child grooming gangs that prey upon young women and underage girls across the UK.

A serious question looms. A massive London protest involving thousands upon thousands doesn't warrant ANY genuine mainstream coverage?  This is definitely a teaching moment when it comes to today's media and why independent media is vital and increasingly relied upon.

The fact remains that Tommy was arrested while working to fill that journalistic void and spread awareness of these monstrous individuals and their ongoing existence (and increasing presence) in UK communities.

In order to proceed directly to my thoughts on the rallies and responses today, I won't go over all the details of the case, but my last post covers a lot of ground in explaining why the entire issue is of great importance to those who value freedom, free thought, and free expression and speech.

You can find that post right here:

Now, let us begin with the responses I received and saw concerning the #FreeTommyRobinson movement.

In response to one of my posts on Twitter in support of #FreeTommyRobinson, I received a snarky comment back from a self-described feminist that indicated there was nothing to defend when it comes to Tommy.  It made me wonder if it ever crossed her mind that Tommy was arrested while trying to bring greater exposure to child grooming gangs whose main victims are young women and underage girls, such as an 11 year old in the case that Tommy did the Facebook Live stream about. 

You would think a self-described feminist would at least be a little sympathetic to Tommy, no matter what they thought of the legalities, in that he was raising awareness of serious and heinous violations of the rights of women. 

That was just the tip of the iceberg.

A great many of the anti-Tommy comments that I received in online engagements sought to advocate a quick dismissal of the issue by simply calling Tommy a criminal.

Apparently, all of these folks are just fine and of good conscience with five hour long arrest/court appearance/sentencing period involving only a handful of minutes in the courtroom.

Of course, they don't mention that more information is emerging that Tommy was led to believe that a guilty plea would result in a fine, which I think will come to light, but even if not how could any defendant have any time to answer the charges/circumstances of the arrest? Especially when the judge in this kangaroo court admitted openly to barely listening to the Facebook Live stream that was used as main evidence against him.

I did find one common thread among all these folks after taking a look at their twitter pages, numbering about 30 or so.  Every single one of those who were quick to malign Tommy as a criminal didn't have so much as a single, solitary peep on their pages about the participants of grooming gangs and the monstrous crimes they commit against young women and underage girls.

It begs the question.  Who are the real criminals?

Just maybe the kinds of fellows in the child grooming gang case?

Tommy is a working class guy from the streets.  He's rough around the edges, gotten into some rumbles, and he is confrontational in style, but a look at his offenses pale in comparison to the ones listed above.  

Here's the list spread around by the anti-Tommy crowd.

2005 12 months for assault
2010 arrested for a public order offense
2011 convicted for football hooliganism
2011 jailed for breaching bail conditions
2011 convicted for assault
2011 jailed for a rooftop protest in Switzerland
2014 jailed for mortgage fraud
2014 Convicted for public order offenses
2015 recalled to prison
2017 convicted for contempt of court

Looking over it, several of these are not exactly major crimes.  Breaching bail conditions, public order offenses and the like can often be very minor actions that run afoul of legalities.  They tend to be more minor offenses in nature and judging by the punishments Tommy received for most of these incidents, that appears to be the case.  

The two assaults are more serious in nature, and to be fair in this analysis they warrant a closer look.  

One involved a drunken argument with a guy that led to a fistfight, and the guy turned out to be an off-duty police officer.  Not a good thing, but arguments and fistfights between guys, especially with booze involved, are anything but uncommon. 

The other assault stems from when Tommy was in the EDL group and got into a verbal exchange with a fellow EDL member who he was irate at for putting messages online about police informers.  He was arrested, and then convicted of assault, after head-butting the guy. 

Note that neither case was a racially-motivated incident.

The assaults were needless and wrongful, and in those instances the arrests and punishments are, of course, justified. But in no way, shape, or form do those instances come anywhere close to the level of crimes committed by those that Tommy has been highlighting and raising awareness of. 

Being a journalist and reporting on a case that is squarely in the public interest to know about from outside the courtroom, in a way that can have zero impact on jurors (unless they are all tuned into Tommy on their phones inside the courtroom), should NEVER be a crime worthy of arrest. 

No peace was being breached, in any way, shape or form.  He did not report anything that was not of public record and any rational, unbiased person watching the video of the arrest or Tommy's FB stream can attest that Tommy behaved in a civil manner, and he cooperated fully with the law enforcement officers. 

Again, Tommy was simply raising awareness about a topic that the mainstream media there has failed to address in any meaningful way.

Of course, as can be expected these days, other anti-Tommy comments fall into the usual tired cliche of name-calling.  According to these folks, Tommy's supporters are all "far right", "racist", "extremist", "intolerant", and a person of "hate".

These labels mystified me, as none of them, using their previously accepted definitions, apply to the overwhelming majority of individuals I watched on all the live streams, interviews, online posts, and other areas where the #FreeTommyRobinson supporters expressed themselves.

It appears to be the case that the definitions for these words has changed.

Looking at the overwhelming majority of the #FreeTommyRobinson supporters that I have observed, interacted with, and read posts from, the definitions below are apparently the modern definitions of these labels when hurled about by the anti-Tommy crowd.

It is hard to come to any other conclusion, because the people labeled as such overwhelmingly fit the updated definitions I reflect here.

Far right = A person who disagrees with the prevailing mainstream media, pop culture, and government-approved narrative. A person labeled as "far right" has also likely been called a fascist by those who actually are engaging in fascist behavior. In many instances, "far right" now means that the one labeled as such is an advocate of Judeo-Christian faiths.

Extremist = A person who is patriotic.  In Britain, it means that the person puts the interests of Britain first.  An "extremist" now is apparently a person who stands for the well-being, security and betterment of their family, friends, and local community. An "extremist", as the term seems to indicate now, exercises an independent mind and freewill versus engaging in group-think. An "extremist" nowadays is apparently a person who defends natural rights.

Intolerant = When a person is now accused of being "intolerant", it now means that the person making that accusation is truly intolerant of the accused's views, values, and beliefs.  The person hurling that label about is also letting the accused know that they will be tolerant of them, as long as the accused agrees with everything they say and believe.

Hate = An accusation of "hate" now means that the person labeled simply has different opinions than those hurling the label about.  They are also indicating that the person doing the labeling is at a loss to counter the labeled-person's rational, substantiated, reality-based arguments.

Racist =  Similar to the definition of "hate", being called a racist now simply means that the person doing the labeling has nothing of substance to bring to a discussion or debate.  The labeled person simply has a different perspective that has nothing to do with another person's skin color or ethnicity.  Often, the different perspective involves criticism and opposition to religious teachings, practices, and beliefs.  Most often, the person doing the labeling is unable to comprehend that a religion is not a race.

Or, perhaps, the anti-Tommy crowd and their cohorts have hijacked language. It's something to consider.

It has been an eye opener for sure.  There is no question that there are a significant number of people out there who would do nothing to oppose or, even worse, support a totalitarian state.  They have plenty of support in this among wealthy elites, major corporations and big corporate media.

Nevertheless, they all underestimate the power within individuals who come together for the cause of freedom.

As a writer and filmmaker, free speech and expression are of the utmost importance to me. They are also natural rights for all. Open journalism is also essential to a truly free and informed society.

This is why I, as an individual, support those in the #FreeTommyMovement and was elated to see so many thousands of individuals stepping forward.

I see the potential for a real flame of liberty to be lit and my wish is for the people of the UK to see that it burns stronger and brighter every day going forward.  When individual liberty thrives, including free speech and expression, a great future is made possible for the greatest number of individuals in a society.


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