Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stargazing #3

Note about the Stargazing Posts: The Stargazing posts are a special series of posts that visualize and articulate my feelings toward a genuine relationship, and what I would like to make of one. They are written in the form of letters and are both wonderful and painful to write, given how difficult my road has been in this area. In a way, they are love letters to a future I have not reached. Nevertheless, I feel they stand for something genuine and beautiful, and I have chosen to share them on my blog. Perhaps some can find a little light in them. My blog is a place to share many facets of myself, and this is one that I consider to be the most central to my being.

Stargazing #3 

To my dearest Star,

Sounds of light jazz flow through the dance of shadows and light, mixed with the murmur of conversation and laughter. Smiles shine from many faces among the tables surrounding us, but there is no greater smile in this entire room than the one in my heart as I look across at you.

The silver necklace with its jeweled star pendant glints in the flame of the single candle at our table, gracing the soft skin of your neck and accenting the beautiful blue dress you chose to wear for the evening.

A bottle of wine sits upon the table surface, with the two crystalline glasses we use to share its red-hued bounty. I take a sip, savoring the taste of it. As with everything in my world, now that your Starlight shines upon it, the wine itself tastes richer and fuller than anything I ever had before.

I am in the moment, with not a care of past or future. I reach across the table and gently take your hand, looking into the depths of your gaze as I caress your skin. I feel as if I am about to glow, with the happiness welling up from the deepest, most intimate, and most pure part of my soul.

Perhaps I do glow, as a brightness comes into your eyes and a smile blooms upon your own face. I can see in every sparkle of your expression that your feelings toward me are as mine toward you.
We are celebrating. No, it is not any specific occasion or anniversary. It is simply another night we have been blessed with together, which to me is always an occasion worthy of the greatest celebration.

I know this is your favorite restaurant, and I hope that this, as with all the gestures I make to you, conveys to you just how much I value and love you, both of which grow further with every day that passes.

You have centered my heart and given it a sanctuary, the greatest gift I could ever dream of. We are building a life together, with every moment we share walking this path together.

And a most wonderful life it is.

may your Starlight find me soon,

your loyal Stargazer

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