Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stargazing #2

Note about the Stargazing Posts: The Stargazing posts are a special series of posts that visualize and articulate my feelings toward a genuine relationship, and what I would like to make of one. They are written in the form of letters and are both wonderful and painful to write, given how difficult my road has been in this area. In a way, they are love letters to a future I have not reached. Nevertheless, I feel they stand for something genuine and beautiful, and I have chosen to share them on my blog. Perhaps some can find a little light in them.  My blog is a place to share many facets of myself, and this is one that I consider to be the most central to my being.

Stargazing #2

To my dearest Star,

I take your hand as we enter the park, walking along a path beneath the trees. Though the air is cool, I feel warm, and my every step is lighter. It is all a part of your Starlight, something I keep to myself as I look into the brightness of the smile upon your beautiful face.

Everything appears brighter and more vivid, all around us. Every color is more vibrant in hue.

The older lady walking her small dog, the couple sitting on one of the benches nearby, and even the jogger pounding out a rhythm along the pathway all become part of a liveliness surrounding us. And it is a celebration of life, every last bit of it.

We laugh, we talk, and you slip your arm into mine. The breezes caress the two of us as we continue along the pathway.

 Time itself seems to stand still. The cares I had before I saw the glow of your face dissipate into nothingness. All worries have fled and the moment is everything.

I lean into you and kiss your soft lips, and I tingle seeing the spark in your eyes, another glint of your magnificent Starlight.

I wrap my arm around you and pull you close to me. My Star. The center of my Universe. I will do everything to keep you safe. I will do everything to increase your brightness, even if I do not speak this aloud.

For you are precious to me, far beyond what any words can describe.

We find ourselves an open bench and we sit together, watching the world around us. Though no words are spoken aloud, so much passes between us, in every cuddle, every glance, and every touch of our lips.

I rest my head upon your shoulder and feel peace flood into me. I am at rest, at last, filled with a sense of contentment and sanctuary.

Everything is as it should be.

May your Starlight find me soon,

your loyal Stargazer

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